Contardi Frantoio offers various services. In addition to being a frantoio with cold-press extraction equipment, it also has modern, high-technology machinery that is capable of processing an average of 2000 kilos of olives per hour, enabling olive pressing to be completed in the shortest possible time.

The various stages of the process are carefully controlled, from the early harvesting of the olives, to the washing and removal of leaves, the pressing of the olives, all of which have arrived at the mill within 24 hours, and finally the extraction of the oil.

Frantoio Contardi produces extra-virgin olive oil and organic olive oil entirely through the pressing of olives exclusively of Italian origin. It can therefore be said that all of the olive oil processed by our frantoio is of controlled origin.

The Contardi olive oil obtained from this type of product and processing is able to boast excellent organoleptic and nutritional characteristics. These qualities are reflected in the various certificates and awards received each year.

The frantoio has a small bottling service where it is possible to bottle on behalf of others who are in possession of the appropriate authorisation.

FRANTOIO OLIVE CONTARDI Località San Severo 61047 San Lorenzo in Campo (PU) - Tel. 0721 774116 - P.IVA 01014150419 - email
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