PRODUCTS – Olive oil from Frantoio Contardi

The high quality of Contardi Olive Oil, produced with the high processing standards of our frantoio, benefits the consumer by assuring that our olive oil is extremely healthy and nutritional.

Contardi Olive Oil has a very LOW ACIDITY LEVEL, is free from defects and rich in polyphenols. The olive oil has an intense green colour, a fresh and harmonious fruitiness and a bitter piquant flavour, due to the presence of polyphenols which give the olive oil its high quality

Attention to the needs of the consumer is confirmed by the packaging in various forms.

EXTRA-VIRGIN OLIVE OIL – exclusively Italian origin

250 ml - standard bottle € 4,50
0,50 lt - standard bottle € 7,50
0,75 lt - standard bottle € 12,00
1 lt - can € 13,00
2 lt - can € 24,00
3 lt - can € 36,00
5 lt - can € 62,00

Prices excluding Value Added Tax.

Goods are delivered in Italy and abroad with an additional charge for transport costs. Payment is made in advance by bank transfer.

Contact: for information about purchase.

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