Over 60 years of dedication to olive oil pressing, from Grandpa Francesco Contardi to Mamma Teresa Contardi.

In 1985, after achieving maximum experience in the olive oil sector, grandson Carlo Angeli joined them, bringing his enthusiasm, love and passion for the family business, and began marketing through the exclusive production of olive oil of the highest quality. The frantoio has a modern processing line for cold pressing with extraction by centrifuge (continuous system).

The various stages of the process are carefully controlled, from the early harvesting of the olives, to the washing and removal of leaves and pressing of the olives, all of which have arrived at the mill within 24 hours, and finally the extraction of the oil.

The extra-virgin olive oil, obtained in this way, has a very low level of acidity, is free from defects, rich in polyphenols, intense green in colour, with a fresh and harmonious fruitiness, ready for packaging and marketing.

The high quality of Contardi Olive Oil, produced in this way, is not only a pleasure to the palate but beneficial to the consumer.


Olio Contardi, since 1940!

Over 60 years dedicated to olive pressing,
from Grandpa Francesco Contardi to Mamma Teresa Contardi

(photo taken in 1950)

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